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Center for American Values — You’re Invited to a Great Event to Support the Center

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been getting to know the wonderful mission of — and some of the great folks at — the Center for American Values, a cultural and civic centerpiece located in the downtown district of the great city of Pueblo (or “Pee-eb-loe”, as some of the local ranchers say it), Colorado.  We had a great conversation with Dalton Sprouse, the Center’s Development Manager on the December 12th 2012 “Walking A Walk” show, which you can still hear on-demand on our Show Archives Page.

If you’ve heard our conversation with Dalton, or you’ve looked over the Center’s website, you’ve likely drawn the same conclusion that we have:  This is a fantastic organization that deserves our support, especially given what they’re doing to educate our Nation’s youth, the American values that they’re working to preserve, and the honor and respect that they pay to our Military men and women, and especially to our Country’s Medal of Honor recipients.

There’s an opportunity to provide some of this support — and to have some fun — coming up in a couple of weeks, March 2nd 2013, the first Saturday of the month… See (download or view) the flyer here:

Center for American Values – March2 Dinner & Auction

The Dinner and Auction will be held at The Broadmoor Hotel and Resort in Colorado Springs, with a cocktail reception starting at 6pm, dinner at 7, and the fund-raising auction commencing at 8.  There will be special auction guests, the opportunity to bid on some very special and valuable auction items, and you will enjoy the great satisfaction of helping to support the Center’s tremendous educational programs.  The Broadmoor is offering special discounted room rates for folks who want to stay overnight for the event.

So, to all of our friends and supporters of the show:  Please do consider attending this event to support the great Center for American Values… We hope to see this fine organization rise to prominence and influence, and to become a national resource and treasure, and with your help, it will!


We’re writing a book!

Walking A Walk is going to write a book!  “Stories of the Brave”!  Find out more about this project here:

There’s a short video there… if nothing else, it’ll convince you that we (Lorin & Dixie) are better suited to radio, not television!

We’re new to the crowd-source funding business model, and new to — it’s amazing, and gratifying, to see just how well this approach to project seed funding actually works!  With many people giving just a bit (micro-donations), it adds up to substantial support to reach a project’s financial goal and requirements.

Key to this is getting folks to help spread the word of the project — encouraging them to post messages on their own Facebook pages, Twitters, emails, etc. — together with their own recommendation of the project’s worthiness.  In this way, hopefully, the project goes viral, with word and recommendation reaching an ever-growing audience.  Out of what can become tens-of-thousands of referrals, a smaller portion of them actually like what they see in the project, and they donate.

Of course, it helps to build in some rewards for project support too — and we’ve got some great ones for “Stories of the Brave”.  You’ll have to check out the project page to find out about these…

All funds raised will be directly invested into the book’s hard costs: copy editing, layout, artwork, production, printing and distribution.  In fact, our WAW production company staff is investing a matching sweat equity amount into the book’s production as well, which means that we’ll be producing a high-quality volume (hopefully the first of an annual series) that people will be pleased to own and read.

Copies of “Stories of the Brave” will be donated to the military (as challenge pass-along copies), libraries and other appropriate organizations.  Kickstarter project funds in excess of our original financial goal will go towards providing even more donation copies.

If you want to help us spread the word about “Stories of the Brave” to your own community of friends, family and colleagues, here’s an easy-to-use short-URL: — We truly appreciate your help in sharing this project and for any support you can give it.  Thank you!

Milestoning along…

We had anticipated — hoped for — the next “magical” milestone for our Walking A Walk Facebook page… but certainly dared not hope for it to come so soon!

Sometime yesterday (Thursday the 31st of May) afternoon, it crossed the 1,000 follower mark… and shows no sign of slowing anytime soon, as it’s well on its way to 1,500 this evening, a day later.  Astonishing.  Humbling.

Again, with all humility, we say thank you to our friends, followers, colleagues, listeners and guests — and especially Pete — for lending Walking A Walk your support and great wishes!

For our part, we’ve pledged our unwavering efforts to make the show, and its associated resources, as good as we can, and to be here for as long as you all think that the effort has worth and value… to share their stories of service.

Another milestone…

“Celebrate! Celebrate! Dance to the music!”

Milestone: Our page has just crossed the 500-Like threshold, which is pretty neat!

Thank you to all our friends, followers and supporters! We appreciate you all so much.

And if you’d like to help: Would you kindly spread the word?  Share “Walking A Walk” and our mission with your friends, family, colleagues and others in your Community of Influence… 1,000 here we come!

Business cards

It’s a small thing, but nearly every entrepreneur celebrates a bit when the new business cards arrive.  Our new set for Walking A Walk was designed in a fit of inspiration and need, and arrived late last week.  It’s nice to hand someone “our card” just to say: “We’re really here to stay!”

Then, just as we’re congratulating ourselves, our really smart business partner says “Better order another box of a thousand… you’re gonna need ’em.”

We’ve hit a milestone

We’ve reached a milestone recently:  Walking A Walk is now a Colorado LLC.  We’re serious about growing and establishing the show, and all of its related support and communications activities, into something more — much more — than “just a talk radio show.”  Walking A Walk LLC gives us a business platform upon which to base this growth.  Just wanted to mark the occasion here… Stay tuned for more developments.

Walking A Walk — under construction…

News Flash!  We’re starting a new website and blog, right here, for our Internet radio show, “Walking A Walk“, which broadcasts live each week, Wednesdays at 1pm MT, on — and the shows are also available for on-demand listening and download on your schedule.

Although we’ve been broadcasting the show since August 2008, it’s time for us to “kick it up a notch”:  We’re going to make this site a living-breathing complement to our WAW Show & Archive Page (where you’ll find our archived shows) and our WAW Facebook Page.  This new website is where we will:

  • Provide additional in-depth information about our great military guests.
  • Give you a forum to your comments, questions, and whatever you’d like to add.
  • Let you rate our posts, and our shows… Tell us what we’re doing wrong — or right!
  • Invite guest bloggers and commentators.
  • Hook you up with our referral network of great sponsors and supporters — your choice to engage, of course.
  • Connect you to past shows in our Show Archive.
  • Introduce you to our weekly Newsletter and provide you with the means to subscribe.
  • Contribute whatever extra added-value content, concepts and ideas we can come up with… or you can suggest!

Consider us “under construction” for the next little while… We’ll keep you posted on our progress, and you can watch our progress as quickly as we can develop this website.

Of course, your advice, ideas, suggestions and general input are welcome — leave us a comment!  We’re paying attention!

We truly appreciate all of our “Walking A Walk” listeners, readers and followers — it’s becoming a real community.  As of last Saturday, April 7th, 2012, we’ve engaged in a focused campaign to take awareness of our show’s mission to a whole new level.

It’s not about us — our only goal is to pay honor and respect to our great American Military Men and Women, our Veterans, their families, and the folks who support them.  We cherish the ability to help tell their stories — not just “sound bites” — but the tales of their experiences, deployments, successes, challenges, motivation, leadership and service to Country.

Every Soldier’s, Airman’s, Sailor’s, Marine’s and Coastie’s journey is different and unique… hence: “Walking A Walk“, not the clichéd “walking the walk.”

We are so honored and privileged to talk every week with these great Americans, and we’re so happy to help bring their stories of service to you.