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Harper’s Ferry

Old Catholic Church in Harper's Ferry

Old Catholic Church in Harper’s Ferry

Spent yesterday afternoon touring Harper’s Ferry National Park, WV, with cousins.  What a great place… Confluence of so much history: early colonial, prototypical American industry, abolitionism & John Brown, Civil War, Storer College, freedom and African American progress…

Washington knew the place well, having done surveys in the surrounding — then wild and untamed — countryside.  Jefferson knew it too, and visited there at least once.  They’ve named a rock for him.

It was a launch pad for Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery!  Capt. Lewis spent a good deal of time in Harper’s Ferry, before meeting up with Capt. Clark, to provision the expedition, especially with the iron frames for their boats and with necessary weapons and tools.  Beautiful place too: congruence of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers.  Wonderful day!

Dixie and cousin Janice on Jefferson Rock, Harper's Ferry

Dixie and cousin Janice on Jefferson Rock, Harper’s Ferry