About Us

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Shared Stories of Service…

Walking A Walk” is an Internet radio talk show which has been in continuous production since August of 2008.  Our mission is to pay honor and respect to our great American Military Men and Women, Veterans, their families, and the folks who support them.  We are honored to help them tell their stories of leadership, courage and service.

Walking A Walk” is hosted by Dixie & Lorin Ricker, and is broadcast live each week, Wednesdays at 1pm Mountain Time (that’s 1300 MT military), on MileHiRadio.com.

Each live broadcast is recorded for on-demand playback and downloading, and all past shows are available on our Show Archive Page.

Our weekly talk radio show and associated online resources reach an active and growing Community of Influence (COI) which is worldwide (interplanetary, interstellar and galactic programming is pending!).  We are particularly proud of the fact that our community extends across Colorado and the U.S.A. to include military personnel, their families, friends and supporters at bases throughout Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and the Pacific.

Each week, we are privileged to share a one-hour conversation with an American Soldier, Airman, Sailor, Marine, or Coastie, including National Guardsmen and Reservists, from enlisted to top brass.  Often, we’re lucky to hear the stories and experiences of American Veterans from past wars and conflicts, including WWII, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, Gulf Wars I & II, and the current Global War on Terror.  We also cherish the times to talk with military spouses and family members, and sometimes the great folks who support our military personnel.

Their stories and experiences comprise a composite oral history which all Americans and friends worldwide can appreciate and cherish, and from which we can all learn much.

Our Name

Our talk radio show, “Walking A Walk“, was conceived with very careful consideration given to the name:  “Walking A Walk”, not “walking the walk.”  Why this name?

The clichéd phrase using “the” is generic, implying that any old walk will do.  But we know by talking with them:  Every Soldier’s, Sailor’s, Marine’s, Airman’s and Coastie’s journey — their walk — is unique and individual, even as they each serve in the same Armed Forces.

We intended from the very beginning to honor and respect their individual walks.  The show’s title is specific, just as each individual story is unique and personal, even as it’s shared with us.  We are honored to talk with these great military men and women — each of whom is walking their own walk.

Show Hosts

“Walking A Walk” show hosts Dixie & Lorin Ricker

Show hosts Dixie and Lorin Ricker are both children of WWII veterans — typical of so many of that Greatest Generation, neither of our fathers spoke or shared much of their experiences, and only late in their lives did we find out very much about their service at all.  What little we did discover only whetted our curiosity, and when the opportunity to produce and host “Walking A Walk” arose, we were delighted to participate.  With each of our great guests, there’s so much to share and learn.

To find out more about us, see our blog TheRockjack.com, where you’ll find our About page with more detailed information.

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