We’re writing a book!

Walking A Walk is going to write a book!  “Stories of the Brave”!  Find out more about this project here:


There’s a short video there… if nothing else, it’ll convince you that we (Lorin & Dixie) are better suited to radio, not television!

We’re new to the crowd-source funding business model, and new to Kickstarter.com — it’s amazing, and gratifying, to see just how well this approach to project seed funding actually works!  With many people giving just a bit (micro-donations), it adds up to substantial support to reach a project’s financial goal and requirements.

Key to this is getting folks to help spread the word of the project — encouraging them to post messages on their own Facebook pages, Twitters, emails, etc. — together with their own recommendation of the project’s worthiness.  In this way, hopefully, the project goes viral, with word and recommendation reaching an ever-growing audience.  Out of what can become tens-of-thousands of referrals, a smaller portion of them actually like what they see in the project, and they donate.

Of course, it helps to build in some rewards for project support too — and we’ve got some great ones for “Stories of the Brave”.  You’ll have to check out the project page to find out about these…

All funds raised will be directly invested into the book’s hard costs: copy editing, layout, artwork, production, printing and distribution.  In fact, our WAW production company staff is investing a matching sweat equity amount into the book’s production as well, which means that we’ll be producing a high-quality volume (hopefully the first of an annual series) that people will be pleased to own and read.

Copies of “Stories of the Brave” will be donated to the military (as challenge pass-along copies), libraries and other appropriate organizations.  Kickstarter project funds in excess of our original financial goal will go towards providing even more donation copies.

If you want to help us spread the word about “Stories of the Brave” to your own community of friends, family and colleagues, here’s an easy-to-use short-URL:  http://bit.ly/wawsotb — We truly appreciate your help in sharing this project and for any support you can give it.  Thank you!

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