Business cards

It’s a small thing, but nearly every entrepreneur celebrates a bit when the new business cards arrive.  Our new set for Walking A Walk was designed in a fit of inspiration and need, and arrived late last week.  It’s nice to hand someone “our card” just to say: “We’re really here to stay!”

Then, just as we’re congratulating ourselves, our really smart business partner says “Better order another box of a thousand… you’re gonna need ’em.”

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3 responses to “Business cards”

  1. janicenyborg says :

    way to go….your show is awesome and I never miss it unless I absolutely have to be gone…..btw great show yesterday.

  2. janicenyborg says :

    awesome….business cards even….I know you guys are here to stay and I get the word out as often as I can

  3. Erich Shanholtzer says :

    Love getting new cards. Need to get some new ones soon.

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